I also promised you a SURPRISE GIFT, and I have to confess . . . I lied. I don't have a surprise gift for you—I have TWO surprise gifts!

A 20%-off coupon to my sports nutrition company Legion.

I started Legion to create the supplements I've always wanted--natural, science-based, affordable, and effective--and it has now served over 300,000 customers and sold over 2 million bottles.

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Last but not least, I'd love to connect directly with you and hear your feedback and answer any questions you might have, so please do reach out!

The best ways to get in touch are email ([email protected]) and Instagram (@muscleforlifefitness), so don't be shy! Shoot me a message!

I'm also on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, so feel free to check me out on those platforms as well!

I hope to hear from you soon!

Mike Matthews