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Supplement Companies Are Greedy

Supplement companies are notorious money-grubbers. Dishonesty, misdirection, and pseudoscience have been the standard. Until now.

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We founded Legion Athletics to create healthy, high-quality sport supplements based on sound science.

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  • Dr. Spencer Nadolsky

    Author and founder of and

    "There are a lot of sleazy supplement companies out there, but Legion is not one of them. Their products are free of fillers and inactive ingredients and they take the time (and money) to test them with independent labs to ensure you're getting what you pay for."

  • Ben Greenfield

    NYT Best Selling Author and Ironman Triathlete

    "Mike makes clean products. Period. His Legion line is something you can consume guilt-free, without any hidden fillers, artificial sweeteners or chemicals. Better yet, it's designed not just for adequacy, but for performance. I highly recommend."

  • Greg O’Gallagher

    Founder of Kinobody

    "LEGION really is a top-notch supplement brand and I’m thoroughly impressed with the quality and integrity of their products and their no hype and no pseudo-science’ approach. If you're thinking about taking supplements, this is a company you can trust."

  • Chad Howse

    Founder of Chad Howse Fitness

    “I’m big fan of LEGION’s. One of the few companies I’d highly recommend for anyone looking to get real results while not wasting any money.“

  • Ben Coomber

    Founder of The Body Type Nutrition Academy

    "LEGION has done what the supplement world needs: created a movement of research backed supplements. Many companies claim they are research backed but very few actually are. These products are simple, focused, and research-backed products that I support. After all, the basics work."