In 9 months of Legion Coaching, Adriana lost 23 pounds, 12% body fat, and gained significant muscle and strength.

She had never worked with a coach before, having only attended gym classes previously. However, she embraced the challenge from the start and ultimately transformed her physique. 

Here are her results:

Adriana Hanzon before and after

Adriana’s Journey

Adriana discovered Legion coaching through her husband, who signed them both up for the program. She was completely new to health and fitness, and knew little about dieting and training. Her only goal was to achieve her healthiest, best body.

When she started the program, she and her coach focused on establishing healthy habits, such as setting a bedtime routine and cooking her own meals. She also started tracking her food intake diligently using MyFitnessPal. 

By carefully managing her calories and ensuring she ate enough protein, she could still enjoy favorite foods like Black Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream and McDonald’s burgers. 

The program made it easy for her by breaking down and calculating her macros, and her customized four-day workout plan ensured she knew what she had to do in the gym. 

Even as she grew stronger in the gym—adding 40 pounds to her squat, 30 pounds to her bench press, and 60 pounds to her deadlift—her weight consistently decreased.

Adriana’s Weight-Loss Progress

Adriana’s coach supported her throughout the entire journey. Adriana said, “When I’ve needed to step it up in an area, she has kindly encouraged me to do so, always making sure that I am comfortable and praising all my efforts and accomplishments.”

In fact, the phone conversations with her coach were her favorite part of the program. Adriana said, “Dena is wonderful! Super nice and very knowledgeable, and has explained everything so well. She has taught me so much about healthy eating and listening to your body!”

Adriana’s Results

During her 9 months of coaching, Adriana . . .

  • Lost a total of 23 pounds of body fat
  • Slimmed her waist from 37 inches to 32 inches
  • Reduced her body fat percentage by 11-to-12%

If Adriana Can Do It, You Can Too

Adriana was new to structured dieting and strength training, but under the expert guidance of her coach, she lost fat, built muscle, and dramatically changed her life.

“The coaching program has exceeded my expectations. I thought I just wanted to lose some weight, but I have learned so much more! Healthy eating habits, exercise regimes, the importance of protein, and so much more!”

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That’s how confident we are in our ability to help you lose fat, gain muscle, and get healthy. So, take the first step toward the body you’ve always wanted. Schedule your consultation today.


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