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In this episode, I interview Andrew, who used Bigger Leaner Stronger to transform his understanding of getting fit and finally start making real progress.

When Andrew was 240 pounds and out of shape, he decided to make a change. He wanted to lose some weight, and he did what most people do: hopped on the treadmill for endless hours of cardio, ate way too much, and . . . not much changed.

Eventually, he got fed up with spinning his wheels, did a bit of Googling, and found Bigger Leaner Stronger.

After reading the book, Andrew understood what he was doing wrong, and had a plan to fix it. He started following the BLS program and it helped him completely transform his physique and life. 

He ended up losing 80 pounds while getting significantly stronger. In fact, the changes were so significant that his friends and co-workers started asking him what he was doing.

In this interview, Andrew and I talk about his story and the key lessons he’s learned along the way, including how he was eating and exercising before BLS, how misconceptions about “healthy” foods held him back, how he turned it all around by learning about macros and the fundamentals of proper training, and more. 

So if you’re looking for a jolt of inspiration and like motivational stories, I highly recommend you listen to this episode.


5:28 – Where was your diet and fitness before you found me and my work?

10:43 – How did the enjoyment of exercise change when you started Bigger Learner Stronger?

13:04 – How was your perception of the 3rd edition versus the 2nd edition of Bigger Leaner Stronger?

16:35 – What were some obstacles you had to overcome?

20:20 – How have you improved in the skill of weightlifting?

22:42 – What does mind muscle connection mean to you?

26:33 – Did you run into any obstacles with the types of food thats you were eating?

32:08 – What are you doing now for workouts?

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