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In this podcast, I interview bestselling author and competitive triathlete Ben Greenfield, and we talk about how strength training, muscle building, exercise, and diet affect aging, longevity, and health.

If you follow Ben and his work, you know that this is his primary hobbyhorse. He’s obsessed with figuring out innovative and cutting-edge ways to improve his body and mind, and in this show, he shares some of his most recent thoughts and strategies for optimizing his life.

Here are some of the things we talk about in this episode…

  • The role of muscle mass and strength in aging and longevity.
  • The effect of protein intake and intermittent fasting on health.
  • The ketogenic diet for performance and health.
  • And more…

Click the player below to listen in …


11:12 –  What are your thoughts on muscle mass and longevity?

16:56 – What about the research showing an association between longevity and total lean mass?

23:53 – If you have sleep, diet, training, and stress under control, how much does it matter if you don’t fast, or eat protein daily?

24:41 – Is moderate drinking helpful or hurtful?

27:27 – What is hormesis?

30:23 – How important is exercise?

32:56 – What are your thoughts on the ketogenic diet?

41:37 – Does everyone wake up in ketosis? How long does it take to become fat-adapted?

45:18 – What about the saturated fat and the paleo craze?

49:13 – Do you have any projects you’re working on?

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