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The more you think about it, the weirder it gets.

Obviously we have reproductive differences but, beyond that, do women and men really vary that much?

Especially when it comes to science. We use rats to estimate how stuff affects us for crying out loud. We share about 50% of the same genes as fruit flies and some have argued that our societal structures are similar to that of lobsters.

When it comes to comparing one human against the other then 99.9% similarity may be an understatement because we don’t want to use more decimal places.

And yet, despite this, we find numerous claims that supplements can benefit women and men differently beyond sex-based anatomical differences.

To rub salt in the wound they are also all called vitamins for what I can only assume to be marketing or negligence. The amount of times I’ve seen calcium included in lists of vitamins for women’s health is equal parts staggering and saddening (we’ll get to why that’s wrong in a moment).

Screw “vitamin,” the most commonly misused term by far in this regard. Want to know vitamins for women? Folic acid prenatal vitamins, boom, done, that’s it.

It’s a useless question.

A much better one is this: “What supplements should I, as a woman, consider that men do not need to consider?”

And simple questions beget simple answers.


3:29 – Why are there supplements for women and what are the differences in these products? 

10:00 – What supplements do you recommend for women? 

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