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Take this supplement and you’ll be able to train harder.

Train harder and you’ll gain more muscle and strength.

Gain more muscle and strength and you’ll get the body you want faster.

The pitch sounds alluring … and familiar … right?

It’s how pre-workout supplements (among others) are sold, of course.

And these days, many of the most popular pre-workout supplements contain beta-alanine and spotlight it as a key component.

According to their product labels, beta-alanine increases strength, power, and endurance during strength training, sprinting, and most sports.

On the other hand, the skeptics claim that while beta-alanine may help with sports that involve a lot of sprinting, like soccer, football, and basketball, it won’t help you perform better in your strength workouts. Plus, they warn that there aren’t enough studies to prove that beta-alanine is safe.

Who’s right?

The short answer is that beta alanine can help you squeeze out a few more sets and reps in your workouts and it will almost certainly help you perform better in your HIIT workouts, but it probably isn’t going to directly increase your strength.

In this podcast, you’re going to learn …

  • What beta-alanine is
  • What the benefits and side effects of beta-alanine are
  • How much beta-alanine you have to take to see results
  • The best beta-alanine supplements
  • And more …

Let’s start at the top.

Time Stamps:

3:18 – What is beta-alanine?

7:16 – Does beta-alanine improve muscle endurance?

12:07 – What is beta-alanine’s effect on traditional endurance exercises?  

14:18 – Can beta-alanine improve muscle growth? 

16:07 – What’s the clinically effective dose of beta-alanine? 

18:54 – When should I take beta-alanine? 

21:10 – What are beta-alanine tingles? 

26:01 – Does beta-alanine have any side effects? 

27:37 – What are the best beta-alanine supplements? 

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