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Pop quiz: which days of the week are most fattening?

Yes, you heard the question correctly. Which days of the week are most associated with weight gain?

Don’t overthink it. Listen to your gut here (it should know!).

If you go with your intuition, your answer is probably “the weekends.” And you’d be right. 

Research shows that most people maintain a steady weight throughout the week and gain weight on the weekends.

How does that work, you ask?

Well, what happens to the diets of most people that have trouble with their weight come Friday night? I’ll tell you what happens: mayhem.

The problem with this all-too-common ritual of weekly binge eating is the sheer amount of body fat you can gain in just a few days of overeating. Depending on your genetics and activity level, a couple moderate bouts of bingeing can easily “undo” the fat loss of a whole week of proper dieting.

I’ve worked with thousands of people and, hands down, the biggest mistake made by those baffled by their inability to lose weight is binge eating. 

The bottom line is nothing will stop your fat loss dead in its tracks faster than binge eating, and especially bingeing on fatty foods and alcohol (a perfect storm for gaining body fat).

If you want to not only get lean but stay lean, you simply can’t afford to struggle with binge eating. Sure, you can eat foods you love and generally enjoy your diet, but you can’t regularly live out your bacchanalian fantasies and have a physique of the gods.

In this podcast, we’re going to talk a bit about why some people struggle with binge eating and a handful of simple, practical strategies you can employ to prevent and beat the urges.

Time Stamps:

5:27 – Why do we binge eat? 

8:22 – Why do we gain weight from binge eating? 

12:49 – How can we enjoy the foods we like without getting fat? 

22:49 – How do you stop binge eating? 

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