In this episode, I interview Bobby Samuel, who’s a recent graduate of my 90-day transformation coaching service, which helped him lose 27 pounds and get abs for the first time in his life, as well as add about 130 pounds to his major lifts and fix his form in just, well, 90 days.

Before finding his way to me and my work, he had been working out for 10 years and had tried more or less everything–personal trainers, Crossfit, running, bodybuilding magazine workouts, you name it–and despite it all, he was overweight and unhappy with his body, and unsure what to do about it.

Then, he found my cookbook The Shredded Chef, gave it a read, liked the food and saw results, and realized that there might be something to this Mike Matthews guy. He read Bigger Leaner Stronger next and was pretty sure it wasn’t going to work because it just sounded too simple, but decided to give it a go anyway because he had nothing to lose.

He then learned about my coaching service and figured he’d might as well go all in and give himself the best chances for success, and if it was all bullshit, he’d just get his money back and move on.

Well, as you’ll hear in the interview, my team put together a custom diet and exercise program specifically for him and his goals, and it exceeded all his expectations. He not only completely transformed his body but he learned for the first time how to completely take control of his body composition and build the body of his dreams.

In this interview, Bobby walks us through the whole story and shares the big lessons he learned along the way, including how he made everything work as a dad of two who’s on the road every week, so if you’re in the middle of your own transformation, then I think you’re going to find it encouraging and motivating.


6:36 – How has your body changed with our program?

7:57 – What got you into fitness?

12:30 – How did our coaching program work for you? What are some of the obstacles you went through and how did you overcome them?

16:35 – How do you make the coaching program work while you travel for work?

19:58 – How do you manage what you eat at restaurants while you travel?

29:47 – What’s your goal for the next year?

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