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The Holy Grail of Fat Burning.

A supplement that you can take once a day and will prevent you from getting fat despite allowing you to eat anything you want. That magic bullet to shoot away all your problems and, hopefully, not kill you at the same time.

It doesn’t exist right now unfortunately, but that hasn’t stopped researchers from trying to discover it.

And even if the researchers haven’t discovered it, it definitely doesn’t stop marketers from trying to sell it to you.

There are many ideas that have popped up when it comes to how such an amazing theoretical fat burner could work and one of them, the topic of this episode, has quite a simple premise . . .  

What if you just didn’t absorb the calories you ate? In one end and out the other?

Carb and fat blockers are a sub-genre of fat burners dedicated to preventing calorie uptake and have been studied, well, not extensively, but they do have evidence behind them.

Only one problem, they don’t always block calories alone. They sometimes block nutrients as well.

Are they worth your consideration? Do the benefits of absorbing fewer calories outweigh the hazards of absorbing fewer nutrients? Are some better than others?

Listen to this episode to find out.

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