It’s no secret most weightlifters don’t like cardio. 

Most avoid it because it’s uncomfortable.

Others are worried it’ll interfere with their ability to gain strength and muscle.

And others just find it boring and pointless.

After all, if you’re already lifting weights several times per week, how much can you really benefit by adding a bit of cardio to your weekly routine? 

Sure, you’ve heard about the health benefits of cardio. Things like lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol, and improving blood flow and arterial health, but can’t you get most of those benefits from lifting weights, too? 

And what if you modify your weightlifting to more closely resemble cardio by resting less between sets, lifting weights faster, doing more reps with lighter weight, and so forth? Could this give you the benefits of weightlifting and cardio? 

The short answer? 

Sort of. 

Weightlifting does offer many of the same health benefits as cardio, including improved heart health, insulin sensitivity, and more, but cardio also offers some health benefits you can’t get from weightlifting.

Keep listening to learn what these benefits are, and how to get the benefits of both weightlifting and cardio.

Time Stamps:

4:48 – How does cardio help with weight loss? 

21:57 – How does cardio help with cardiovascular health? 

32:39 – How does cardio help with capillary density? 

34:48 – How does cardio help with arterial health? 

38:41 – How does cardio help with insulin sensitivity? 

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