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 Chase Chewning hasn’t had an easy time of it.

When he was still a teenager, he lost his father to Lou Gehrig’s disease. A few years later while he was in the army, he got seriously injured, requiring multiple surgeries, and got medically discharged.

Chase’s life was in shambles. His body was broken, his mind was muddled, and his spirit was shattered. He had no money, no job, and no purpose.

What he did have, though, was a lesson his father taught him—one he shares in our interview—that he used to emerge from this dark period and regain his physical and emotional strength, build a popular podcast and following online, and launch successful coaching and media consulting businesses that allow him to make a living doing work he loves and believes deeply in.

In this episode, Chase shares his story, including . . .

The transformative “gift” that his late father gave him
How he ended up getting discharged from the army
The experience of going “all in” on entrepreneurship and quitting a stable career
How to stand out in a saturated field like the fitness industry
How to find your passion
And more . . .

So, if you like inspiring stories and want to learn how Chase used tragedy to ignite a motivational fire under his own butt, listen to this episode.


5:33 – Why did you move to Los Angeles?

7:27 – What does Ever Forward mean and why did you choose that as your brand?

11:19 – How long ago was it when you discovered Ever Forward?

14:19 – Was your major injury the beginning of the descent?

19:49 – How did you turn that experience into where you’re at today?

23:34 – How did you start doing your podcast and brand?

39:23 – Was transitioning from coaching to podcast another leap you had to make?

49:12 – How do you find your passion? Should I turn my passion into my career?

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