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In this episode, I interview Cheri, who read my book Thinner Leaner Stronger and used it to completely change her body and life.

When she first started on her journey, Cheri was 187 pounds and well over 30% body fat. She tried everything to lose weight, including low- and high-volume training programs and even the HCG diet.

After years of frustration, she read my book and got started with proper training and nutrition.

And she started seeing results almost immediately.

In the span of about a year, she not only dropped to 141 pounds and 12 sizes but also completely transformed her body composition. By adding muscle in all the right places, she learned firsthand why what you see in the mirror is far more important than on the scale.

In fact, Cheri was so happy with her results that she’s gotten several other women to start the Thinner Leaner Stronger program and has even created a “Fit Over 50” Facebook group for like-minded women to join a community and hold each other accountable. 

In this interview, Cheri and I chat about her story and the important lessons she’s learned along the way, including how she learned to use gym equipment properly, how she found a balanced approach to her diet, why she became a certified personal trainer, and more.

So if you’re looking for a jolt of inspiration and like motivational stories, I highly recommend you listen to this episode.


5:57 – What was your health and fitness like before Legion? 

10:24 – What type of shots were you getting in the stomach? 

11:29 – Did you start with diet or exercise?

13:50 – How did exercising go in the beginning? 

17:40 – How long have you been properly training?

25:44 – Was there a point when you realized that the training program was working?

27:30 – What obstacles did you have to overcome?

37:48 – What are your numbers now? 

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