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Many people have had rough childhoods thanks to stuff like oppressive parents, grinding poverty, and mental and physical roadblocks, but few have experienced what Chris Duffin has.

First, he grew up in the wilderness. Not metaphorically, but literally. As a child, Chris and his family were vagabonds who wandered the California countryside, essentially living off the land.

As you can imagine, this didn’t exactly put Chris on the fast track to success, academic or otherwise, yet today, he’s an MBA with a successful career as a corporate executive as well as a top-tier powerlifter who has deadlifted 1,000 pounds . . . for reps.

Chris also has also created a popular coaching and education brand called Kabuki Strength as well as innovative strength training equipment including the Transformer Bar, Duffalo Bar, Kadillac Bar, and Trap Bar HD.

And as if all that weren’t enough, Chris recently released a book called The Eagle and the Dragon, and in this interview, we’re going to talk about all the aforementioned, including some of the key lessons Chris has learned about parenting, leadership, and reinventing yourself for a better life.

Time Stamps:

6:24 – What is your background story?

24:37 – How did your background affect who you are now?

32:49 – What values mean the most to you?

39:37 – What are some lessons you’ve learned from leadership?

58:44 – What fears are you chasing now?

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