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In this episode, I interview Chris, who used my work to help turn his life around and even escape depression.

When he first started working out, he didn’t know what he was doing with his training or diet. But thanks to newbie gains, he made progress anyway and learned to enjoy lifting weights.

Along the way, though, things started to turn sour outside the gym.

Financial troubles mounted, his relationship began to unravel, and Chris stopped going to the gym. He gained more and more weight as stress and depression began to take their toll, and then things came to a head: Chris and his wife separated.

That was the moment he decided to get back in shape. 

It was around this time his brother (who lost over 200 pounds following Bigger Leaner Stronger!) introduced him to my work. Chris started following the Bigger Leaner Stronger program inside and outside the gym and, well, it helped him completely transform his life. 

He lost a boatload of fat, getting down to 15% body fat, added a ton of strength to his big lifts, and perhaps most importantly, was able to stop taking medication for depression.

In this interview, Chris and I discuss his story, how he originally fell off the rails, how stress and strained relationships impacted his physical fitness, and how he turned it all around, including the small changes he started making to build long-lasting habits, how he improved his mental health, and more.

So if you’re looking for a jolt of inspiration and like motivational stories, I highly recommend you listen to Chris’s.


7:10 – Where were you before and after finding Legion?

8:08 – How much weight did you lose and what was your body fat percentage at the beginning?

12:39 – What was going on in your life before you started getting back into shape?

16:33 – At what point in your life did you come across Legion? 

19:05 – How long did it take your brother to lose 200lbs?

19:52 – How has getting back into working out affect your headspace?

23:26 – How was it transitioning into a better diet?

27:47 – What does your current diet look like?

38:29 – What are your future plans?

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