In this episode, I interview Cody Lee, who’s a follower of mine and recent graduate of my 90-day transformation coaching service, which helped him lose 18 pounds of fat AND gain muscle and strength.

Before finding his way to me and my work, he was a new dad who was overweight and unhappy with his body, and unsure what to do about it.

Then, he found my book Bigger Leaner Stronger, gave it a read and figured he might as well try it, and, waddayaknow, it actually worked. Week by week, he was getting noticeably bigger, leaner, and stronger, and he was thrilled.

After riding the wave of newbie gains, Cody wanted to see if he could get even more out of his diet and training, and so he decided to sign up for my one-on-one coaching service. My team put together a custom diet and exercise program specifically for him and his goals, and it exceeded all his expectations.

He not only lost a whopping 18 pounds of fat in 90 days, but he also gained strength and corrected his technique on key lifts, which is still paying dividends.

Cody walks us through the whole story in this interview and shares the big lessons he learned along the way, so if you’re in the middle of your own transformation, then I think you’re going to find it encouraging and motivating.


4:38 – What was your background in fitness and what were you hoping to achieve?

10:27 – After reading Bigger Leaner Stronger, how did the program go?

12:11 – What did you like the most out of flexible dieting and shorter workouts?

16:33 – What made you interested in our coaching service?

21:06 – How did our coaching program go for you?

24:33 – How did you feel after 90 days on our coaching program?

27:18 – How has our program effected other areas of your life?

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