If you’re like, well, most everyone, you have at least a little bit of joint pain.

Maybe it’s your shoulder, or your knee, or your hips, and maybe the pain comes and goes or maybe it lingers.

Maybe you’ve tried things to sort it out like stretching, resistance training, foam rolling, anti-inflammatories, and natural supplements like glucosamine chondroitin, only to be disappointed.

And now you’re looking for information on yet another supplement that promises to finally soothe your joint pain—collagen.

Can it?

Well, the long story short is yes, it absolutely can.

As with all-natural supplements, some work better for some people than others, but there is good scientific evidence that collagen can indeed reduce joint pain and inflammation and even benefit people with healthy joints.

By the end of this episode, you’re going to know what collagen is, why people supplement with it, how it can improve your joint health, the best kind of collagen to take, and more.

Let’s get to it.


4:26 – What is collagen?

5:26 – Why do people take collagen?

6:05 – What are the benefits of collagen supplements?

8:02 – Why do athletes suffer from joint pains?

10:14 – What are the appropriate doses for collagen?

10:58 – What are the results from taking collagen supplements?

12:57 – Do collagen supplements have any side effects?

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