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In this episode, I interview Corri, who recently completed my 90-day coaching service and dropped 12.5 pounds and 8% body fat, while getting stronger on all of her key lifts, and at 40 years old!

AND after having a baby that she was nursing!

Basically, Corri’s a perfect example of how there’s always a way to get into great shape if you want it enough, and that’s why I wanted to have her on the podcast.

Now, as with everything, nothing ever goes exactly as planned, and learning to adjust and adapt to conditions is an important part of the fitness game, which is something Corri experienced firsthand.

She ran into a number of obstacles along the path to success, including beating hunger, finding time to prepare meals, and working her way through challenging workouts often on too little sleep thanks to the baby, and Corri had a number of insights to share on how she overcame them.

So, if you like hearing motivational stories about how people have changed their bodies and lives, and if you want to pick up a few tips that may help you in your personal journey, this episode is for you.


Time Stamps:

5:26 – What have you accomplished with our coaching program?

13:45 – What was wrong with your thyroid?

19:41 – How did having a baby affect your training and diet?

26:21 – How did you deal with hunger while you were nursing?

37:29 – What was your workout plan on our coaching program and what were some obstacles you had to overcome?

41:35 – Have you injured your knees before?

42:32 – How was your sleep?

49:56 – Anything interesting that you’re working on?

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