You’ve probably heard that creatine is one of the few supplements that doesn’t suck…and you’ve heard right.

It’s the most well-researched molecule in all of sports nutrition–the subject of hundreds of scientific studies–and its benefits are clear:

  • It helps you build muscle faster.
  • It helps you get stronger faster.
  • It improves anaerobic endurance.
  • It improves muscle recovery.

What isn’t so clear, though, is which form you should take and why.

Is something fancy sounding like creatine nitrate worth it?

What about ethyl ester or hydrochloride?

Liquid or powder?

Buffered or micronized?

Or can the old faithful creatine monohydrate give you everything you need?

Well, this episode is going to answer all these questions and more, and by the end, you’ll know how to get the most bang for your creatine buck.

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