You probably know what kind of physique you want, but you’re not quite sure how to best get there.

My guess is you want to be lean, strong, and muscular, and you’re struggling to understand the next immediate steps.

Should you “bulk” and focus on gaining muscle as quickly as possible, or should you “cut” and strip some fat and then bulk?

Well, both bulking and cutting have pros and cons.

Bulking adds both lean mass (yay) and body fat (boo), and cutting unveils your abs (hooray) but stunts muscle growth (hiss).

Furthermore, many people discover that they look a lot smaller after a successful cut than they anticipated. Maybe, then, they should just bulk for as long it takes to get the size they want and then go on a long cut to show it off?

Well, this is the dilemma that makes for a fitness purgatory of sorts where you don’t really commit to one strategy or another and thus stagnate in terms of progress.

In this episode, you’re going to learn how to avoid this pitfall entirely, and it starts with answering the question on your mind:

Should you cut or bulk?

As you’ll find out, the answer depends mostly on your current body fat percentage.

The long story short is if your body fat percentage is too high, your number-one priority should be getting lean, not gaining muscle, and if it’s relatively low, then you should focus on gaining muscle, not getting even leaner.

And by the end of this episode, you’ll understand why.

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