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As you can imagine, I’ve heard many January resolutions over the years.

“This is my year. I’m finally going to lose 20 pounds.”

“I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m going to get fit again!”

“I’m going to set an example for my friends, family, spouse, kids, etc.”

And I’ve seen many people, when armed with the right know-how and an extra helping of piss and vinegar, do exactly as they intended.

I’ve also seen many unsuccessful attempts at personal transformation inside and outside of the gym, and while a sheer lack of discipline and stick-to-it-iveness is often partly to blame, many times the problems begin right at square one: how they go about setting goals.

And then, to add insult to injury, they often botch the next crucial step, and that’s creating a system that will produce their desired results.

If you can do those two things well–set goals and build systems–there’s no telling what you might be able to achieve inside and outside of the gym. 

That’s the topic of today’s discussion with Donata White, who I invited back on the podcast to share her personal story transitioning from a successful law career to social media and business consulting as well as how she helps her clients tackle goal setting and execution.

In this episode, Donata and I talk about . . .

  • Why people often fail at their resolutions
  • Creating goals you care about rather than ones that “sound” good
  • Setting up systems to achieve those goals
  • Outlining your core values
  • What failure really is
  • And more . . .

Give it a listen!


7:03 – Why do people fail with their new years resolution?

24:46 – What sort of goals sound good but actually aren’t?

38:48 – Whats the difference between quantitative and qualitative goals?

44:19 – What is your system for achieving goals?

01:08:55 – When did you realize that you didn’t want to be a lawyer  anymore?

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