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If you’ve been in the fitness game for any amount of time, you know that consistency is the key.

It takes months of work to see any major changes in the mirror, and it takes years to see how fit you can really get.

This is why developing good habits is a major element of long-term fitness success. 

Motivation comes and goes, and often without rhyme or reason, but habits can endure. You’re far more likely to stick to your diet and training plans when they’re as ingrained into your everyday routine as taking a shower or going to work rather than something that may or may not happen depending on how you feel day to day.

Developing good habits is only half the battle, though. You then have to protect them against the vicissitudes of life.

That’s why it pays to have “elastic habits” as opposed to rigid ones—habits that can “flex” according to your ever-changing circumstances as opposed to shatter.

That’s the premise of Stephen Guise’s new book, Elastic Habits, and what today’s discussion is all about.

I’ve had Stephen on the podcast before to discuss his previous bestselling book Mini Habits, and this time around, he talks about why he wrote this new book, how it differs from his first, and why his elastic habits system is a natural “next step” for people who are ready for a more robust and rewarding approach to habit building and optimization.

So, if you want to learn some simple and highly practical ideas for using Stephen’s unique elastic habits model to create positive changes in your life that stick, hit that play button!

Time Stamps:

7:19 – What are elastic habits? What is your take away on habits?

10:42 – How does elasticity and resilience apply to habits?

14:40 – How do you use elastic habits in your life and what are some examples?

20:58 – How do you track your habits?

21:23 – Do you share your template on your website?

24:00 – Do you do any myth busting in your book?

30:48 – How long does it take to establish a habit?

32:17 – What do you recommend for people to start making good habits?

34:40 – How can you eliminate bad habits?

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