Obesity is one of the biggest existential threats to our individual and social health and well-being. It destroys vitality, magnifies mortality, strains psychology, erodes self-belief, and undermines self-definition.

That’s not “fat shaming”—that’s just the plain truth.

It’s also not fat shaming to tell people they can’t lose weight eating however, whatever, whenever they want.

Or that healthy living is mostly a matter of priorities, not genetics, time, or money.

Or that it’s unhealthy to regularly eat too much and move too little.

Or that ultimately our body composition reflects our lifestyle more than anything else.

Or that obesity imposes staggering costs on society in the form of healthcare expenses and reduced productivity.

Or that classical standards of beauty are mostly rooted in biology, not society.

Or that we usually gain weight simply because we get lazy or surrender self-control and eat and drink too much.

Or that obesity is an epidemic disease with decades of scientific research clearly proving that it significantly increases all-cause mortality.

Or that “purposeful and joyful movement” isn’t enough if it doesn’t help produce and maintain a healthy body composition.

Or that it’s easier to build self-esteem by achieving a healthy body composition than to underplay its importance.