Wanna hear a few things I’ve learned over the years that have made all the difference in my fitness?


If you’re primarily trying to gain muscle or strength and you’re making major changes to your workouts every couple of weeks (different exercises, splits, rest times, etc.), you’re doing it wrong. A little of the right variability is productive, but more than that is obstructive.

Don’t overthink rep ranges, either. You can gain muscle doing anywhere from ~4-to-20 reps per set, so the “best” rep ranges for you are largely the ones you enjoy the most.

You also don’t need to train to muscular failure to maximize muscle growth, and if you do too often, you’ll probably make slower gains.

Don’t mistake huge pumps and sweaty exhaustion for progress. Work hard, but be intentional. Go for adaptation, not annihilation.

What’s more, no specific exercises are mandatory for gaining muscle and strength. All exercises have pros and cons, indications and contraindications, so if you can’t or don’t want to do one, there’s always another that’ll do the trick.

And don’t view deloads, rest days, and relaxation as a waste of time or sign of laziness. They’re an investment in your health and recovery and a source of energy and wellbeing.