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I’m pretty sure that’s how the “Gallon of Milk a Day,” or GOMAD Diet was conceived.

It’s equally simple to follow because the name alone tells you everything you need to know:

You drink an entire gallon of milk every day.

(You eat other food too, of course, but you’re not following the diet unless you’re getting down that gallon.)

Most people would say that’s silly, but when you’re struggling to gain weight and have tried just about everything but steroids, well, why not?

I mean, there are plenty of jacked dudes on the Internet that swear by GOMAD for gaining muscle fast and hitting PRs, so who knows…maybe there’s really something to it?

Unfortunately, it’s not that black and white.

Yes, GOMAD can help you gain weight faster…but a lot of it isn’t going to be the type of weight that you want to gain (fat).

You see, putting down a couple thousand calories of milk per day will certainly move the needle to the right, but it isn’t going to do much good for your body composition.

It’s not going to do your gut any favors, either.

That’s why there are much better ways to go about gaining weight, and in this podcast, I’m going to break it all down for you.

By the end, you’re going to know why people turn to GOMAD, what’s wrong with it, and how to go about gaining weight the right way.

Let’s get started.


4:45 – What is the GOMAD diet and why do people do it?

9:45 – Is the GOMAD diet better than eating more food?

10:24 – Does milk have the ideal nutrient profile for muscle building?

16:22 – Does milk have saturated fat that boosts testosterone levels?

20:20 – Does milk spike insulin levels to accelerate muscle growth?

28:40 – Can guys gain 20-30 pounds in a month on the GOMAD diet?

30:23 – What should I do instead of GOMAD?

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