Many people out there who don’t know nearly as much as you probably don’t know about losing weight. For example, they don’t know what energy balance is, they do know that if they just starve themselves, if they eat very little and move around a lot, do a lot of cardio, they will lose weight. And of course, that’s true. 

But often what happens is these people do that and then they don’t know what to do after and they end up gaining all the weight that they lost back or sometimes even more. 

And that usually is either the beginning of or just another episode of a long saga of yoyo dieting, where their weight goes up to a point where they’re uncomfortable and they feel like they have to lose weight or revert back to their old ways that results in rapid weight gain.

Research shows that most people out there who diet regain at least 50% of the weight they lose in the first year after losing it. The most powerful way to break this cycle to be able to lose weight is developing the right habits.

In this episode, I’m gonna be talking about habits that will help you keep the weight that you lose off.

Let’s get started!


5:09 – Habit 1: Stick to a meal plan 

14:15 – Habit 2: Replace unhealthy fat with healthy fat 

18:26 – Habit 3: Be more active 

21:39 – Habit 4: Snack on fruits 

28:20 – Habit 5: Know what you’re eating

35:30 – Habit 6: Portion control 

38:29 – Habit 7: Don’t be sedentary 

40:22 – Habit 8: Don’t drink your calories 

43:15 – Habit 9: Mindful eating 

44:50 – Habit 10: Eat 5 servings of vegetables a day 

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