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Every so often, a sports supplement comes along that gets everyone excited.

That’s supposed to “change the game” and push the boundaries of what’s naturally achievable.

HMB is one of those supplements.

It burst onto the scene in 1996 to much fanfare and hoopla, and many thought it was destined to dethrone creatine as the reigning king of natural muscle building molecules.

Well, science has now had a couple of decades to look into it, and, well, it didn’t quite pan out.

Despite what supplement marketers would have you believe, it’s not as anabolic as steroids.

Ironically, the research shows that it can’t even support the label of “muscle builder.”

That said, it does have some legitimate uses for us fitness folk, so it’s not a complete flop.

And we’re going to break it all down in this podcast.

By the end, you’re going to know what HMB is, why people supplement with it, how it can benefit you, how much you need to take to see those benefits, what side effects there are, and more.

Let’s begin …

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3:48 – What is HMB?

6:03 – Can HMB help you gain muscle faster?

8:27 – Can HMB improve your recovery?

9:40 – Does HMB increase power output?

11:04 – Can HMB help reduce muscle breakdown rates?

11:53 – How much HMB do you have to take to help reduce muscle breakdown rates?

12:59 – What are the side effects of HMB?

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