Many people are quick to finger hormones as the reason they aren’t losing fat or gaining muscle as quickly as they’d like.

If only they had more testosterone, estrogen, or growth hormone coursing through their veins, they lament, then fitness wouldn’t be such a tough row to hoe.

They aren’t entirely wrong—hormones do impact physical performance, fat loss, and muscle growth—but fortunately, with the exception of rare health conditions, your hormones don’t dictate your biological destiny in the way that your DNA does. 

Instead, hormones create biological environments that are more or less conducive to health, vitality, and fitness. Think of this like gardening, where better or worse soil makes for better or worse plants. 

What’s more, your hormone profile isn’t fixed. With the right regimen, you can dramatically improve it, and so much so that you can always get fitter, leaner, and stronger, no matter your age or circumstances. 

Take the “Big Three” I mentioned above: testosterone, estrogen, and growth hormone. These play key roles in improving and maintaining body composition and, if simply left to their fate, decline with age, making it increasingly more difficult to gain muscle, lose fat, and stay lean.

The same goes for the hormones insulin, leptin, ghrelin. Each affects our body composition in different ways (mostly related to fat storage, metabolism, and appetite) and naturally skid as we get older, inclining us toward more body fat and less lean mass.

What if we intervene with effective eating and exercise, though? What happens not only to our physique but our hormones?

Well, for example, many studies show that regular resistance training does a lot more than pump your muscles—it also enhances every hormone I’ve mentioned (plus many others), and this creates a powerful positive feedback loop of biological effects that makes it remarkably easier to lose fat and keep it off (with proper dieting), which in turn even further strengthens your hormone profile.

It doesn’t take much resistance training to hit critical mass, either. Just a few hours per week is a “clinically effective dose” if you train the largest muscle groups, do enough hard sets, and take most of them close to failure.

That’s why my new book Muscle for Life provides a crash course in the art and science of successful strength training and contains six programs to choose from: beginner, intermediate, and advanced routines for both men and women.


Moreover, Muscle for Life is all about getting results, and fast. 

That means you’ll see real, tangible improvements in your body within the first thirty days of starting this program, and within three months your friends and family will want to know what the heck you’re doing. 

Your weight will be moving in the right direction, your clothes will fit better, and you’ll see muscle definition where there was little before. 

I promise. Tens of thousands of people (that I know of) have used the teachings in my books, articles, and podcasts to build strong and fit bodies. So, you’re in good company. And soon you can be on your way.

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P.S. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 41 or 61, or whether you’re in shape or not. It also doesn’t matter how busy or tired you are, or how many injuries or accidents you’ve sustained over the years. 

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