I don’t know about you, but I don’t like balls in my face when I’m bench pressing.

Or a sweaty dude snuggling with me while I squat.

Or being shrieked at to “dig deep,” “feel the burn,” or “let the big dogs eat.”

Or trying to catch my breath mid-set in a noxious haze of someone’s fart.

I’m not speaking hypothetically, either.

After 13 years in the gym, I’ve seen a lot of bad spotting (and a lot of weird shit in general).

Hence, this podcast.

In it, we’re going to talk shitty spotting, good spotting, and everything in between.

Let’s start with some laughs…

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Time Stamps:

3:12 – How do you spot well? 

4:09 – How do you spot a bench and military press? 

7:10 – How do you spot a dumbbell press? 

9:04 – How do you spot a squat?

Mentioned on the show: 

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