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What if you could eat hamburgers, pizza, and ice cream every week—hell, maybe even every day—and still have abs? 

Such is the rallying cry of many people who subscribe to the “If It Fits Your Macros” (IIFYM) style of dieting.

Others claim the principles of IIFYM shouldn’t be used to merely get and stay lean while eating like a spoiled child. Instead, they should be used to look and feel great while eating a wide variety of foods including those verboten by more traditional, restrictive forms of dieting.

For instance, this might mean regularly eating foods like pasta, bread, dairy, and sugar while also maintaining a healthy intake of more nutritious foods like lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. 

Who’s right?

Often the most accurate answer to such questions is “it depends” or “somewhere in the middle,” but in this case, there’s a clear winner: moderation.

In other words, IIFYM works best as a more flexible, accommodating approach to “clean eating,” as opposed to its polar opposite, where you follow meal plans that emphasize whole, nutritious foods while allowing for less wholesome indulgences.

And in this podcast, you’re going to learn why and get simple, science-based answers to all of your questions about IIFYM, including . . .

  • What is IIFYM?
  • Does IIFYM work as well as people say? 
  • Is IIFYM healthy?
  • What’s the best way to use IIFYM principles?
  • Should you follow the IIFYM diet?
  • And more.

Let’s get started.

Time Stamps:

5:46 – Do calories count? 

18:55 – Will IIFYM wreck your health and physique?      

30:10 – Does IIFYM promote eating disorders? 

41:07 – How do you use flexible dieting and IIFYM principles correctly? 

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