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This episode of the podcast isn’t your standard health and fitness fare.

Instead, it’s about living well beyond fitness, and more specifically, a concept Pat Flynn refers to as “flourishing.”

Pat Flynn is a repeat guest not only because I enjoy our conversations, but I’ve gotten great feedback from listeners who like hearing about these deeper, philosophical topics we dive into.

In case you’re not familiar with Pat, not only is he a fitness expert who is known for his kettlebell prowess, but he’s also a podcaster, philosopher, and author who just released a book titled “How to Think About God,” a metaphysical and spiritual journey all about the philosophy behind this foundational belief.

While I’m not a philosopher, I do have an interest in ideas I can use to improve my life and that I can share with other people to make their lives better as well. Plus, I always enjoy my conversations with Pat, and in this episode, we discuss several topics and questions listeners have been asking me, including …

  • The problems with scientism and higher education
  • Inequality and egalitarianism
  • The concepts of equality of opportunity versus equality of outcome
  • Economics and Marxism
  • The health at any size movement
  • The importance of virtues and the role of nuclear family units
  • Justice, fairness, and “privilege”
  • And more …

So, if you enjoy philosophical tangents and want to listen to something a bit different for a fitness podcast, make sure to hit play and listen to this episode!


28:09 – What are your thoughts on equality being unfair?

32:51 – What is egalitarianism?

41:29 – Is equality unnatural?

1:10:49 – What about the idea of fairness?

1:25:05 – What are your thoughts on striving for equal opportunity?

1:35:45 – Where can people find you and your work?

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