In this episode, I interview Jared, who recently completed my 90-day coaching program, which helped him lose 23 pounds, 6% body fat, and 5 inches off his waist while also gaining a significant amount of strength on all of his major lifts.

Even more impressive is the fact that he did this at 42 years old with a family and a full-time job, and in this interview, he’s going to walk us through his journey. He’s going to share with us what he’d done previously and what worked and what didn’t, how he found his way to me and my coaching service, and how he and his coach worked through a number of challenges and the biggest lessons he learned along the way.


4:09 – What was your fitness journey like before starting our coaching program?

7:31 – How did you find us?

9:29 – What are some of the obstacles you had to overcome?

13:11 – What was your body fat and weight before and after our coaching program?

13:52 – Are you currently maintaining or bulking?

21:02 – How did you manage your diet during the holidays?

22:34 – What was your diet while you were cutting?

25:38 – What did your workout program look like?

27:45 – How has being healthy and fit impacted other areas of your life?

29:50 – How has being healthy and fit impacted your psychology?

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