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Chiropractic is a controversial subject in the fitness community.

On the one hand, some people claim it can fix all kinds of aches, pains, and ailments ranging from low-back pain to indigestion, headaches, brain fog, and more.

On the other hand, some say that chiropractic is a pseudoscientific discipline run by greedy charlatans who provide absolutely no value beyond the placebo effect.

And if you poke around on the Internet and there’s plenty evidence of the latter, what with the myriad Internet “gurus” who use their “Doctor of Chiropractic” credentials to mislead people into thinking they’re medical doctors and thus experts on anything and everything related to health and wellness.

What’s the real story though? Is chiropractic a science or a sham?

Well, that’s what prompted me to invite Jordan Shallow on the show. Jordan’s a licensed chiropractor but also a high-level strength coach and competitive powerlifter, and in this interview, he helps shed light on the pros and cons of chiropractic, how it works, why people use it, and how it can and can’t benefit you, and more.

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Time Stamps:

7:35 – What is chiropractic?

10:15 – What is the point of adjustments?

13:40 – What is the golgi tendon reflex?

21:55 – How do you find a good chiropractor?

25:25 – What type of common issues would warrant a trip to the chiropractor?

34:20 – What are your thoughts on mobility and yoga to prevent pain, improve function, or maintain function?

38:50 – How do you stretch properly to fix an underlying issue?

41:45 – What are some good exercises to improve stability?

48:12 – What are your thoughts on whole body exercises like the squat and deadlift for improving stability?

54:02 – What do you mean by stabilizing a position once you’ve gotten into it?

63:55 – Where can people find you and your work?

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