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Recently, Jordan Syatt lost 6 pounds in a month.

Ho-hum, so what.

Well, the twist is he did it eating a Bic Mac every day, which is also completely ho-hum if you understand energy balance, but many people don’t or don’t want to and, well, many discussions ensued after word got around.

Some people refused to believe the results, others denounced the experiment as irresponsible, and others still tried to reconcile it with their fetish for calorie denial.

And in this interview, Jordan shares why he pulled the stunt, what he ate on the diet (besides Big Macs), how people responded, and most importantly, what he wants people to take away from it.

We also discuss strategies for staying in shape while traveling or just really busy, because as Gary Vaynerchuk’s strength and nutrition coach, Jordan knows a thing or two about helping busy, on-the-go people reach their fitness goals. 

Not only that, but Jordan’s also a guy who has set several powerlifting records and definitely doesn’t just talk the talk. 

Let’s get to the show!

Time Stamps:

4:18 – What is the Big Mac challenge? 

5:23 – What are some objections you received from doing the Big Mac challenge?

10:15 – Were you just eating a Big Mac or did you eat anything else?

11:31 – Have people criticized you for encouraging people to make bad dietary decisions? 

15:17 –  What causes the “what the hell effect”?

24:19 – Are you thinking about doing another challenge?

31:26 – How do you stay fit while traveling?

42:39 – How do you maintain a diet while traveling?

53:24 – How to manage alcohol while on vacation or business trips? 

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