It has been said that there are two types of weightlifters in the world:

On one hand, you have the people who just want to get as strong as possible—“aesthetics” be damned—and on the other hand, you have the people who just want pretty physiques, even if it’s all “show” and little “go.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m somewhere in the middle—I got into lifting to look better and that’s still a major motivator, but I also enjoy training heavy and hard and knowing that all this flesh I’ve added to my frame has some function, too.

This is why I’ve advocated for a “powerbuilding” style of training from the beginning of my evidence-based fitness journey, even if I wasn’t familiar with the term at the time. 

Basically, what we’re talking about is blending strength training and bodybuilding in a way that allows us to gain considerable strength and muscle—that delivers steak and sizzle.

To help explain how powerbuilding works, I invited Kyle Hunt back onto the show. In case you’re not familiar with Kyle, he’s a competitive powerlifter, coach, author, and owner of Hunt Fitness, who’s worked with hundreds of powerlifters and bodybuilders alike. He’s also the host of The Absolute Strength Podcast, which I’ve been a guest on.

In this episode, Kyle and I discuss …

  • What powerbuilding is
  • How a powerbuilding program differs from a traditional bodybuilding routine
  • Advanced training principles like daily undulating and linear periodization
  • SImple programming tips for creating a powerbuilding routine
  • And more …

So if any of that interests you and you want to combine powerlifting and bodybuilding into a single, unified routine, tune in!

Time Stamps:

10:15 – How does a power building program differ from a traditional bodybuilding program?

15:03 – How many sets do you have to do to work up to that single?

15:58 – Is this something that you do every week?

27:01 – What is your preferred split? Is there a template you can give to the audience?

28:17 – What are the exercise selections? How do those pair up with some of these rep ranges?

29:51 – How do you track weekly volume? What’s your recommendation?

40:28 – Is there a pro and con assessment regarding this style of programming?

Mentioned on the show: 

Kyle Hunt’s New Book (Strength Training for Beginners)

Kyle Hunt’s Website

Kyle Hunt’s YouTube

Kyle Hunt’s Podcast: (Absolute Strength)

Kyle Hunt’s Instagram

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What did you think of this episode? Have anything else to share? Let me know in the comments below!