"In 9 months I gained 45 pounds."

Jeremy's Progress

Progress Image Before
Progress Image Started BLS
Progress Image 9 Months
Progress Image After

What has happened so far on the program?

As you can see from my before photos I was very skinny (I had actually already started the program for a few weeks in the before). At first I just wanted to be big, so I bulked for almost 9 months, eating everything I saw.

In 9 months I gained 45 pounds and went up to 170. I gained a good amount of fat as well in that time due to my poor diet–I just made sure I at LEAST ate enough. Not the most efficient way to go about it, but I definitely enjoyed it.

Then I started cutting and got strict on the diet laid out in the book, I went down to about 155 pounds at around 8.5% body fat and have been maintaining that for a couple weeks before I start bulking again (with a more strict diet this time)!

What do you like most about the program?

It works. I can completely control my body. If I want to gain weight and build muscle, I can. If I want to lose fat and get shredded, I can. It gives me huge confidence that I will reach my final goals and be able to maintain it.

What, if anything, almost kept you from buying the book or starting the program?

Well I had tried some lifting programs before and hadn’t gotten the results I wanted. I saw some of my friends making gains with the program though and this motivated me to start it.

What are three other benefits of the program?

1) Increased confidence.

2) More energy.

3) Increased discipline in all areas of life.

Would you recommend this program? If so, why?

Definitely, and I have to a few friends who lift with me now. It shows you that it’s so simple to change your body once you have the correct information. I always feel bad watching people in the gym doing the random “Mens Health” workouts and not making the gains they want.

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