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In this episode, I speak with Greg Nuckols who’s a world-record holding powerlifter, researcher, and coach, and one of foremost authorities on the science of strength training.

Greg also produces a fantastic monthly research review along with Dr. Eric Helms and Dr. Mike Zourdos, called MASS (, and in this interview, Greg is going to break down one of the studies analyzed in their review.

The study he’s going to discuss looked at how doing high-rep squats and deadlifts compared to cycling sprints for improving cardiovascular fitness. In this discussion, Greg explains the different effects strength training and cardio have on cardiovascular fitness, whether or not doing high-rep compound weightlifting with short rest periods can give you the same benefits as sprints, what this means for your own training, body composition, and more.


4:10 – Can lifting replace cardio?

5:37 – What are the benefits of HIIT versus high intensity cardio?

10:13 – Which is more difficult – 30 seconds of 60% one rep max deadlifting or 30 seconds of sprinting?

14:31 – Physiologically, why don’t we need a lot of cardio when trying to lose fat?

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