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Scott Carney is an interesting guy doing fascinating things.

I first had him on the podcast to discuss his New York Times Bestseller What Doesn’t Kill Us, which took an investigative look at “hacking” our bodies and using the environment to stimulate our biology. 

Specifically, Scott went on a journey with biohacking legend Wim Hof, using special breathing techniques to push the limits of strength and endurance, submerging himself in ice water and climbing a freezing mountain with only a pair of shorts.

Scott decided to take what he learned from Wim even further in his newest book, The Wedge, where he explores controlling mind and body to hijack stress and experience life in a whole new way.

In this podcast, we discuss . . .

– How too much comfort can actually be unhealthy

– Developing unstoppable grit

– Using kettlebell tossing to enter a flow state

– Creating new neural symbols to change your experience of sensations

– And so much more . . .

Let’s dig in!


4:47 – What is The Wedge and why did you write it?

7:44 – Is there a spiritual or paranormal component to how you respond? 

9:42 – Can you change the way your body instinctively reacts? 

14:14 – How do you change the way your body instinctively reacts? 

18:52 – Does controlling comfort enhance other aspects in your life? 

27:34 – Can change your emotional response to danger? 

37:24 – Are there other interesting techniques that you discuss in your book? 

48:44 – What do you mean when you say there is a spiritual element to your practice?

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