In 9 months of Legion coaching, Luke lost 43 pounds, 18-to-20% body fat, and gained significant muscle and strength in the process.

Luke had gotten down to a lower body fat percentage in the past, but he’d done so using an unsustainable approach involving very low-calorie diets coupled with a grueling regimen of daily HIIT workouts. 

By adopting a more balanced and workable approach with Legion coaching, Luke transformed his physique more in 9 months than in the previous 3 years. 

Here are his results:

Coaching Success: Luke W

Luke’s Journey

In the past, Luke had dabbled in low-carb and fasting-style diets with little success. More recently, he’d adopted a macro-based approach

While this worked in spells, it often left him feeling sapped of energy, which usually led to overeating. “My results were always substandard, and I could never maintain what I achieved,” he said. 

Then, Luke read Bigger Leaner Stronger and signed up for coaching. He wanted someone to guide him through the process and help him avoid his habit of overcomplicating things.

By his own admission, the program wasn’t easy, but it was manageable with his coach’s help.

In fact, Luke attributed a significant part of his success to his coach: “My coach Ash was instrumental in my success and was great at asking engaging questions that made me think deeply. When I was second-guessing the scale, Ash would reassure me and explain why he was making the decisions he was making regarding my plan.”

With Ash’s guidance, Luke’s weight steadily declined:

Luke’s Weight-Loss Progress

Luke was delighted with his transformation, saying, “I was able to accomplish all of my expectations, and was able to achieve a much better physique at a similar body weight, leaving me with a transformation I could not have imagined. Instead of a goal weight, we worked towards a goal body compensation, one I did not know was possible.”

As Luke noted, working toward a goal body composition isn’t familiar to everyone. Here are two photos to illustrate what it looks like. Although his weight is roughly the same in both, the differences in his body composition are clear—Luke has more muscle and less body fat in the right-hand photo than in the left-hand photo:

Legion coaching

Luke’s Results

During his 9 months of coaching, Luke . . .

  • Lost a total of 43 pounds of body fat
  • Slimmed his waist from 46 inches to 35 inches
  • Reduced his body fat percentage by 18-to-20%
  • Added 100 pounds to his squat, 50 pounds to his bench press, and a staggering 180 pounds to his deadlift

If Luke Can Do It, You Can Too

Luke tackled his challenge head-on. He stepped out of his familiar routine, resisted the temptation to fall back into old habits, and fully embraced the new process. And that led to his remarkable transformation. 

Alongside his physical change, he experienced a profound mental shift in how he approaches health, fitness, and nutrition, noting, “It is hard to believe I am the same person.” 

A critical factor in his success was the personalized support from Legion’s coaching service. Luke expressed his gratitude, saying, “I really appreciate the Legion coaching model—you can tell Legion is a company that values their customers, and their coaches act in accordance with that value.”

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