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This is part two of my interview with Maariana, who used my Bigger Leaner Stronger program to gain over 20 pounds of muscle, fit into her college clothes again, and even improve her career as an opera singer.

In case you missed the first part interview, it ended with Maariana revealing that she was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after starting Bigger Leaner Stronger.

I couldn’t end the discussion there, of course, and so on it went, which is what you’re about to hear.

In this part of the interview, Maariana talks about her battle with cancer and how she refused to take it lying down and instead chose to view it as a challenge and opportunity to become stronger, inside and out.

This meant regular physical training in the gym alongside her treatments as well as deep research into behavioral psychology to find practical techniques for elevating mood, boosting willpower, and reinforcing resolve (and she shares some of her favorites in our discussion).

So if you’re looking for a jolt of inspiration or like hearing motivational stories, I highly recommend listening to part one of this interview and then tuning in to this episode.

Time Stamps

4:57 – How did you have the energy to exercise while battling cancer? 

32:42 – Where did you get the idea of making an app?

35:17 – What are some examples of mental exercises?

51:56 – What are some examples of a learning mindset? 

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Maariana’s Website

Maariana’s App

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