Women face quite a few unique challenges that have downstream effects in their fitness journeys. You know, things like intimidation and peer pressure to stay near the cardio equipment at the gym and away from the weight section.

And then there’s the whole pregnancy and having kids thing.

To speak to these challenges, I invited Maria Blacutt onto the podcast. Maria is a personal trainer and mother of three who stays lean and strong in her 50s. She also started lifting 30 years ago in Bolivia in a male-dominated gym, so she knows first hand about the challenges women face.

Maria found her own way in the fitness world and discovered the benefits of heavy weight training and compound lifting. Finding my work has helped solidify what she discovered, though, and now she shares my content with her own clients.

In this episode, Maria and I chat about …

  • How she got strong and stayed fit while raising three young children
  • Why many women give up after having kids
  • The most important lessons she’s learned over her 30-year lifting career
  • Why consistency is more important than perfection
  • How she maintains 18% body fat in her 50s
  • And more …

So, tune in if you want to learn how to get fit while raising children and how to stay lean and strong as you get older.


6:41 – How did you get into fitness?

15:13 – How did you manage to work out when you had kids?

26:44 – How long did it take for you to feel fit after having a baby?

29:43 – How have things changed now that you’re older? What are some of the key lessons you’ve learned?

34:537- What type of foods do you get your protein from?

44:02 – Do you feel like the fitness journey has been hard?

51:15 – How did you come across me and my work? How did that impact things?

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