In this podcast I conduct a live Q&A and take a variety of questions ranging from how much muscle and fat you should gain on a bulk to weighing food before or after cooking to drinking calories and more!

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00:13 – What LBM (lean body mass) to fat ratio can you expect to gain while bulking?

05:14 – Is it bad/dangerous for my health to steal from my fats to add to carbs, leaving me getting around 10-15% of my daily calories from fat?

09:44 – When is Phoenix coming back in stock?

15:33 – I’m not progressing on my squats as fast as the rest of my body. Can I add squats to Day 1 and Day 3 on BLS? Or is that too much volume?

19:28 – Whenever I try to work my chest, I only really feel it in my “front” delts area. How come? How can I fix it?

22:56 – Can you talk a little bit about your fiction writing?

31:05 – Thoughts on CLA supplements?

31:34 – How is your Stacked App tracking?

33:39 – You recommend liquid calories like fruit juice for hard gainers. Is all that fructose a problem? Does it matter where your sugars/carbs come from?

36:07 – If you’ve been lifting for a while, but you’re still weak with an average body fat percentage, is recomping still possible?

37:48 – Do you ever play with your potassium vs sodium levels between cuts, maintenance and bulk?

40:02 – What happened to the forums on Muslce for Life? I miss the community!

41:46 – A while ago you mentioned potentially investing in European warehouses to house Legion stock for the European customers. Is this still an option you are considering?

42:54 – When you bulked in the past what were your top takeaways from the
experiences? Anything you wish you would have done differently?

46:55 – Suggestions for weight progression? I’m female, been lifting for about 6 months and seem to have stalled on adding weight to my big lifts.

48:44 – Any update on the new grass-fed whey protein from Legion that you’re working on?

51:43 – For tracking calories, do you weight meat before or after cooking?

53:09 – I’m at 8% body fat (using your 1 point method-video) and still have a considerable amount of fat around the bellybutton. Is this just really stubborn fat?

54:19 – You recommend Vitamin D3 and Omega 3. Do you need both?

57:06 – Why is the Legion Whey+ only 70% protein?

58:13 – I have heard that multivitamins do not dissolve well into the body. Is this true?

59:09 – Does Bigger Leaner Stronger work for Athletes? I am a Rower so its a mix of sprints and endurance.

1:01:05 – What do you think of the current season of True Detective?

1:02:15 – What is a good replacement multivitamin while Legion Triumph is out of stock?

1:03:27 – What do you recommend for people who get lower back pain/stiffness when doing traditional deadlifts? Would you recommend switching over to sumo deadlifts instead.

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