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What’s the best way to eat for optimal health—and brain health in particular—and longevity?

That’s a question Max Lugavere is working to answer. 

When Max’s mother’s mental health began to decline, he became obsessed with how it could have been prevented. And that culminated in his first book, Genius Foods, which was a New York Times best-seller all about using diet and nutrition to help prevent dementia. 

Unfortunately, Max’s mother developed pancreatic cancer, which she died from shortly after. Max’s determination didn’t wane, though, and he’s since gone on to write his newest book, Genius Life, which expands on the premise of his first book to go beyond food and build a healthy lifestyle. 

In this episode, Max and I talk about . . .

  • Why many people don’t need to eat so many carbs
  • Misconceptions about olive oil for cooking
  • The effect of late-night eating on hunger hormones
  • Blue light blocking and magnesium for better sleep
  • And more . . .

Time Stamps:

12:49 – What are some of the big takeaways that you discussed in your book?

34:21 – Why is eating at night not healthy?

51:57 – How much time outside should you spend to increase better sleep?

53:45 – Can you simulate natural light with artificial light?

1:00:01 – What are some toxic chemicals that we are constantly exposed to and how can we avoid them?

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