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“Lose fat by drinking fat!”

“Turn on the fat-burning power of ketosis with the flip of a switch!”

“Supercharge your brain with this super-oil!”

These are just a few of the many reasons MCT oil peddlers say you should give them your money (and a lot of it—this stuff ain’t cheap).

In fact, according to many of these self-styled gurus and “biohackers,” MCT oil is one of the most effective supplements you can take for upgrading your mind and body. 

Just a few tablespoons per day, they say, and you’ll drop weight, turn on ketosis (which can help you drop more weight), boost exercise performance, and increase your brainpower . . . and that’s just the first week!

Now, how much would you expect to pay for such a privilege? Hundreds? Thousands? Billions

Well, would you believe that it’ll only set you back a mere $1.60 per ounce!? Yes, that’s right, for just $205 per gallon, you too can basically have superpowers!

You don’t want just any MCT oil, though. You want mine, which is grass-fed, gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, blah blah blah will that be cash or credit?

Okay, so I think you get the point. Here’s the long story short:

The benefits of MCT oil have been wildly inflated by the reigning health and fitness propagandists and their minions and unwitting dupes. As you’ll soon see, it’s more or less just another overpriced, overhyped weight loss supplement that doesn’t work as advertised.

Let’s get started. 

Time Stamps:

3:56 – What is MCT oil? 

8:38 – What are the benefits of MCT oil? 

17:30 – What is the research on MCT oil and weight loss?

22:31 – Does MCT oil help you lose weight faster on a ketogenic diet? 

24:34 – Does MCT oil lower cholesterol levels and improve your heart health? 

28:20 – Does MCT oil improve athletic performance? 

32:35 – Does MCT oil improve brain function? 

35:57 – Is MCT oil better than coconut oil? 

40:01 – What are the side effects of MCT oil? 

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