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How often do you hear sympathies these days for the “downtrodden, exploited, and underpaid” common folk, along with harsh, condemning words for those people with any measure of financial success?

Well, it’s very true that there are criminals operating in the largest corporations, the highest levels of Wall Street, and our government that make the robber barons of the past look like noble saviors, and I hope to see them put in prison one day, where they belong. Crony capitalism is a travesty of free market capitalism and is to blame for much of the inequity we see in today’s society.

That said, that condemnation doesn’t apply to the average rich person, who is simply a small business owner that worked his or her ass off to build a team of people that sell and deliver valuable products and services that others need and want. Only a small fraction of the “1%” are the problem.

Many of the “downtrodden” avoid this reality and instead try to place the responsibility of their failures at the feet of the generalized “rich,” but there’s a cold, hard fact they don’t want to face:

They are unsuccessful because they can’t carry a message to Garcia.

What the hell am I talking about? I’m talking about Elbert Hubbard’s famous short story, A Message to Garcia—a story that contains one of the most fundamental principles of success that I know.

People who can carry a message to Garcia are a special breed. They’re invaluable not only as workers, but as friends and, indeed, members of society. I guarantee you this: If you can simply carry a message to Garcia, you will always make money, always accomplish goals, and always be in demand.

Think I’m overstating the issue? Listen to the short story in this podcast episode, and let me know what you think.

It’s short but powerful. Enjoy.

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