This is one of the books that I have recommended most to people that want to be more successful in business and life.

It’s short, has very little filler content (much appreciated), and delivers a powerful and practical message, which can be summarized in a question:

What’s the ONE THING I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

In other words, how can we go beyond merely “being busy” in any area of our lives and develop a sense of the essential?

Napoleon once said that a military commander should be slow in deliberation and swift in execution, and the authors of this book think we should apply that advice to all areas of life. That we should, before acting, pause long enough to decide what really matters, and then allow that to drive our days.

One of the reasons I find this concept so compelling is I think that modern living is, in many ways, an embarrassment of riches.

We have more freedom and options in every aspect of our lives than ever before, and that’s why I think a major part of achieving success and fulfillment in any of them is identifying the things that will produce a disproportionate share of the results–you know, the 20% that produces the 80%.

Therefore, success is more about doing the right things than doing everything right. It’s not about developing superhuman discipline and endurance, it’s about exerting just enough effort and self-control to establish the right habits–the ones that make everything else easier or unimportant.

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