This episode is a recording of my last live Q&A I did over at Legion and in it I take questions on how much fat you can gain in one meal, my way of dealing with haters, what’s in store for Legion and MFL in 2016, and more…

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00:46 – Creatine or no creatine? Loading vs non loading?

02:28 – Are you going to do a contest this year?

04:33 – Is there a limit to how many calories the body can store from one single meal?

10:06 – Any underwear advice? Anything that fits my waist rides up on my thighs.

11:00 – In relation to bulking, what would you consider “too small” of a surplus?

17:58 – What’s your best advice if you get sick with food poisoning? Especially if it happens during a cut?

19:40 – I just bought your French Vanilla and Eggnog Whey+ and they are awesome. Any plans on coming out with new or seasonal flavors?

21:01 – Can probiotic supplements diminish weight gain in overly caloric diets?

22:40 – How do you spot fake female natties? Not just steroid use, but if a woman has booty implants or just amazing genetics and sound training? (I.e. Jen Selter, J Lo, etc.)

25:04 – Is 70g fat considered low enough for a high-carb cheat day/meal?

29:32 – What type of music pumps you up in the gym?

30:46 – When you are reverse dieting can you still have a cheat meal?

31:38 – Can you talk about how to best go about prep for a show or photoshoot?

34:33 – On dumbbell bench press Sergio Oliva Sr. and Ronnie Coleman stopped short of the top because they felt it worked triceps more than chest. Other people feel a squeeze at the top is important for pecs. What is your technique and why?

36:10 – What ratio of weight gain should be muscle if lean bulking correctly?

36:36 – Updated on the Stacked workout app?

37:30 – I recently moved my workouts to the morning so I could lift fasted with Forge. Deadlifts seem much harder, any tips or thoughts?

39:13 – I’ve been getting some nagging soreness in my elbow post workout. What supplements would you recommend?

42:51 – What do you think about energy drinks?

44:51 – What is your advice on training clients that want to train one day a week?

47:07 – Does alcohol (a glass or 2) on the weekend screw up results?

48:21 – How do you keep your fat as low as possible? How low-fat can you go?

49:19 – What’s your foot position for the Leg Press?

50:46 – What’s your lowest round of golf?

51:41 – What’s your max ass to grass squat?

52:45 – Can I make muscle gains if I train fasted and do not eat until 5 hours after my workout?

54:01 – How do you deal with family or friends hating on you?

56:46 – I’m hitting all my macros but I’m waking up in the morning bloated. Is it from carbs late at night or eating too much?

57:17 – What do you recommend if you “mess up” on bulking by overeating and gaining too much?

59:41 – Have you ever encountered any problems with getting lightheaded during a workout?

1:00:34 – When bulking will you eventually have to up your cals?

1:01:32 – For a female following your plan what do we do when we reach a plateau on the heaviness of weights?

1:02:13 – I’m having issues keeping my calories low enough to cut at this time of year, any suggestions?

1:03:37 – Will your supplements ever go into retail?

1:05:12 – What are your plans for Legion and Muscle for Life for 2016?

1:07:39 – What advice do you have for weightlifting on a Ketogenic Diet?

1:08:14 – You are on a desert island and you find a huge supply of either peanut butter or Nutella. Which one do you choose?

1:08:51 – What are some tips to improve sleep?

1:11:01 – What are your thoughts on diet breaks?

1:11:41 – What do you think about moving straight back to maintenance after a cut vs reverse dieting?

1:13:03 – What should I do if I get stuck at a weight on an exercise while cutting?

1:13:48 – How do I get rid of my cellulite?

1:14:15 – Are you planning to release a male enlargement supplement? It’s not for me, I’m asking for a friend.

1:15:17 – What’s your favorite actor and why?

1:15:58 – Caffeine stays in the body for so long how is taking creatine after workouts ideal since creatine doesn’t work nearly as well with caffeine in the body?

1:17:03 The Legion QA $100 giftcard giveaway.

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