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Some people will feed your fears and mock your missteps. Let them. Let them see you take a stand anyway and overcome the odds. Listen to this podcast for a bit of motivational inspiration!  


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There are two surefire ways to be hated less. One is to say less, and two is to fail more because to some people speaking up is a vice and succeeding is a sin. So they oppose your perspective. Let them so they protest your purpose. Let them so they dispute your. Let them so they doubt your determination.

Let them so they feed your fears. Let them so they mock your missteps. Let them so they celebrate your setbacks. Let them so they spur your progress. Let them so they snub your successes. Let them so they deny your destiny. Let them. Let them see you take a stand anyway. Let them see you pour it on. Anyway, let them see you overcome the odds anyway.

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