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There are many different schools of thought on how to set goals. 

Some swear by the SMART goal-setting paradigm. 

Others rely on affirmations, meditation, or journaling. 

And others kibosh goal-setting altogether and simply focus on envisioning a better future, hoping their thoughts transmogrify into reality.  

If you’ve played with any of these approaches, though, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to go nowhere fast. 

You keep reviewing your SMART goals, telling yourself to think positive, filling page after page of your diary, or chipping away at a few choice habits, but after a few weeks or months, you lose heart. 

Many people chalk up their failure to a lack of discipline, determination, or motivation, and while these can be factors, their biggest mistake lies in putting their faith in faulty, facile goal-setting systems. 

Most of the goal-setting models I just described have merit, but they also tend to be incomplete or ineffective when put to the acid test. 

Like a map without a compass, they help you feel like you’re on the right track without providing all of the tools and information you need to reach your destination. 

I’ve spent many years reading about and testing various goal-setting strategies, and I’ve come to believe there’s no one winning formula that works for everyone under all circumstances. That said, there are some evidence-based goal-setting principles that you can apply in every situation that will increase your chances of success.

And in this podcast, you’ll learn to look at goal setting in a new, more productive light. 

Be warned: This isn’t a rah-rah you-can-do-it approach. It won’t be comfortable. But it’ll work. 

Before we get into all of that, though, let’s first diagnose the problem with most approaches to goal setting.


5:56 – What are the problems with how people set goals? 

9:28 – What are the characteristics, habits, and behaviors of entrepreneurs? 

31:18 – How can I better achieve my fitness goals? 

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