Put some weight in a backpack.

Put on the backpack.


That’s rucking in a nutshell. 

While rucking is simple, it’s also one of the most underrated kinds of cardio you can do:

  • It burns a boatload of calories
  • It boosts your cardiovascular fitness
  • It’s easy to recover from
  • It’s versatile (you can do it anywhere)
  • And, it’s social—you can easily do it with a group 

What’s more, it’s also very easy to progressively overload your workouts. That is, you can continually make your rucks a little bit harder, which isn’t easy with walking.

In other words, rucking is one of the best kinds of cardio for people who “don’t like” cardio.

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3:22 – What is rucking? 

7:16 – What are the benefits of rucking? 

16:23 – How do you do rucking right? 

25:02 – What kind of shoes should you wear for rucking? 

26:46 – How do you program your rucks around your weightlifting? 

29:40 – How do you make rucking more comfortable? 

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